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Terms & Conditions
I Introduction

A. Definitions

1. IP Address

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a number that identifies each computer connected to the Internet.

2. means the company Diamepargne providing the services offered through the site or any other means for the performance of services associated with the sale and purchase of investment diamonds with guard chests .

3. Commission

Means the sum received by in exchange for his intervention as agent of the Member or bid. Its calculation is determined on the Pricing page website.

4. Member Account

Represented by a pseudonym and an identifier provided by, the Member account all information provided by the Member, the actions it performs on the site, access to the services of the site that are allowed he and actions made by other Members to him.

5. In having

The Have’s the part of the Member account for the Member to know his financial situation in a given currency vis-à-vis and perform controlled services transactions.

6. Cookies

A cookie is defined by the HTTP communication protocol as a result of information sent by a HTTP server to an HTTP client (browser or browser), the latter returns at each polling the same HTTP server.

7. Identification Elements

Member of the identification elements are the email address with which the member Member has registered and the password which only the member holds.

8. Care Expenses

Are requested amount of money in lump sum or annuity under Member form in the daycare. Its calculation is determined on the Pricing page website.

9. Management fees

Designate an amount of money for a flat rate defined according to the characteristics of the service ordered by the Member. Its calculation is determined on the Pricing page website.

10. Guard

Means the guard service investment diamonds of Members in safes provided their value. Its calculation is determined on the Pricing page website.

11. Site

The website and its variations or annexes (blog …), excluding or sites indicated by means of hyperlinks that are only given for information only.

12. Member

Any natural or legal person, major, regularly registered with and its site, and can be identified through the Identification Elements.

13. Safe

Denotes the set of diamonds held in his account by a Member.

14. Investment Diamond

Are considered “investment diamonds” or “invest diamonds” unit diamonds, or within a batch, whole, with a weight of 0.5 to 2 carats, color G, F, E, or D, with a purity ranging from I1 to FL, having a size of very good or excellent quality and low or no fluorescence.

15. Surrender

Retrocession means the amount paid to a Member selling by after the execution of a sell order, the amount of which is equal to the reduced purchase price of the commission, possible charges. The method of calculating that amount is determined on the Pricing page website. The handover is paid on equity for the currency of the sale.

16. User

A user is a person, member or not, that accesses the Website via the Internet or any other mode of communication network to use the services offered by

17. Godfather

A Member is considered godfather when through it directly recovers a third contact, physical or legal person, who might be interested in products and services. The third party will itself become Member for the prescriber Member is a key sponsor and any commission on transactions of his godson.

18. Member or godchild godchild

A godson Member is a natural or legal person who has never been to Member of and who became through a Sponsor Member.

19. Having Discounts

The reductions Having powered by the sponsoring gains and / or any coupons received by the Member. This credit is used exclusively as a deduction from purchases made on the site.

However, Members can edit invoices have the ability to issue to the attention of an invoice in order to receive all or part of the content of Having discount. Having The reductions is reset on December 31 of each year.

20. Order of Passage

The order Passage means asking the purchase or sale of one or more investment diamonds via the site The outcome of order transition is known only after the transaction took place.

21. Carat

Jewelery carat is a unit of mass used for gems (not to be confused with the carat jewelers). In 1907, the carat (metric) was defined by the 4th General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) as being equal to 200 mg (5 carats per 1 gram) 1. Generally noted “ct” for short (some jewelers write “K” or “kt” in English).

22. assembly or batch of investment diamonds

An investment diamonds assembly is a lot consisting in quantity and quality of investment diamonds to obtain an average of significant value when it is reduced to a weight of one carat, carat investment.
These assemblies are composed exclusively by professionals recognized in the international diamond market.

B. General

1. Operating hours of the site and official time zone

The passages of orders can be transmitted by Member every day, every hour. However, the orders will be checked and executed by between 18h 9:30 ET, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays in France. reserves the right to modify or adapt these hours. In this case, information may be communicated to Members.

2. Official coins being an internationally oriented site, the official currency beings are identified and met. These currencies are the Euro (EUR or €) and US Dollar (USD or $).

However, given the international activity, it is agreed that prices can be expressed in other currencies.

3. Identification of Invest Diamond

The site is published by Diamepargne, limited company with capital of EUR 200 000 whose registered office is at 10 Place Vendôme in Paris, FRANCE.

4. Language

Members may contact in all the languages in which the website is published.

C. Diamonds retains, in each of its coffers, that diamonds from the professional market of diamond or recognized by the market. In each of its coffers, respects the rules applied by the local market “Investment Diamond.”

Diamonds are kept in cases end with the last laboratory certification and are individually referenced. They have a reference in the DiamEpargne system and an international reference issued by the certifying laboratory, diamonds include laser etched by the certifying laboratory to ensure their commitment to the certificate.

Diamonds are considered delivered when they are delivered and deposited in the coffers. Members may not issue any claims vis-à-vis on the grounds that the diamonds were not delivered in the home. The delivery is always the coffers unless the Member has ordered a diamond stating that he wanted her home delivery and the Member shall perform the duties under the laws of its country of residence (eg VAT)

A copy of the certificate of each diamond is available on the website in the fact sheet.

All diamonds are guaranteed not come from any conflict area and will not contribute to the financing of any armed organization. The combination of Kcut of laser engraving on the girdle of the number and certificate provides full traceability of each diamond. All diamonds come from countries respecting the Kimberley process certification that was introduced in 2009 by the United Nations to prevent the illicit flow of “blood diamonds” (or “conflict diamonds “).

D. regulatory and fiscal framework

The Member is responsible for the direct or indirect payment of local taxes applied (or that can be applied later) to diamond acquisitions, sales of diamonds, diamonds associated conservation or other charges. may need to collect such taxes on behalf of the tax administration, so they can be added, if necessary, the management fee. DiamEpargne collecting VAT on management fees and brokerage.

The Member declares to be aware that purchasing activities and diamond sales are subject to specific regulations it must follow as well as the site, particularly in regard to Swiss and international regulations concerning diamond, taxes, customs transactions and electronic transactions.

1. Freedom of the diamond trade

Diamonds are considered personal property. As such, their trade is free, not regulated by the banking and financial supervisory authorities.

2. VAT

In general, no tax applies when buying and selling diamonds on DiamEpargne because it is the Investment Diamonds stored in a free zone. In the event that the Member wishes to be deliver all or part of its investment diamonds, the member will have to pay VAT according to the country of residence.

3. The taxes levied on investment diamonds

Depending on the country of residence of the Member, a tax is applicable on transactions related to investment diamonds. For such a tax, see the dedicated pages on the site. If you can not find an appropriate answer, please visit the tax office nearest to your home.

4. Police Registry

Investment diamonds sold through the site and kept in a free zone in Switzerland are not affected by the holding of a police blotter. does not report purchases of Members to the authorities, unless express reasoned request by a judgment or a formal order.

5. Right of Retraction

The Member waives the right of withdrawal in connection with the purchase or sale of investment diamonds on the site Member acknowledges that the right of withdrawal is not compatible with the proper functioning of the website whose prices may fluctuate depending on supply and demand set by the international market.

II. The member account –

Opening an account with Member is free. It constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

At the time of subscription services, the Member shall provide electronically (from the website or by e-mail) the following information: a document legally establishing his identity (copy front / back of an ID card or passport ), proof of address (bill in the name and Member of address) and information on the account (s) bank (s) associated (s) to the Member account.

For US citizens living in the United States, it is acceptable to send a copy of their driver’s license if he can not provide a copy of their passport. In this case you are asked to accompany a copy of proof of address less than three months (water bill, electricity, gas, or a lease) indicating an address identical to that present on the driver’s license. If the two addresses are different, then it will be applied for a passport instead of driving license.

After recording operations, the Member will receive an email confirmation of account creation.

The user of services have accepted these Terms and Conditions is considered “Member”. The contractual relationship between the Member and are deemed effective upon verification member account opening record, duly completed and accompanied by the required documents. reserves the right, at any time, to accept or refuse any application.

A. Member of the Declaration

The Member undertakes to ensure the accuracy of all the information it provides to In case of change of its status as reported on the date of acceptance of the General Conditions, the Member agrees to update such information concerning him, via the website, by email, or by post in communicating any additional explanation for the verification of these changes. can not be held responsible if it is not notified of a change in the situation of the Member and / or if there would be vis-à-vis violation of the regulations of their country of residence.

A Member of the platform must be a legal entity (a company) or a physical person fully capable (or, if unable, legally represented) in the acts of civil life, and throughout the life open Member Account with

Only major natural persons over 18 years can register and become a member of the platform. There is no minimum for legal persons (organizations, companies, associations), but (s) representative (s) on the platform are major ones.

An individual open only one account in his own name on the platform. However, it is possible to open multiple accounts for a legal entity (an organization, company, association) but in this case each account is represented by separate individuals.

B. Power of Attorney

A Member may give a proxy to proxy to run their Member Account, as he could do it himself.

Only the Member or their beneficiaries in case of death or total and permanent disability, may terminate the Member’s account or denounce the Convention.

In addition to a proxy issued by the Member or a supervisory authority, the proxy must prove his identity and his home. He dated and signed power of attorney issued to it and returns to by mail or electronically. reserves the right to refuse any agent without having to give reasons.

The power of attorney is valid until receipt by the express notification (registered letter) is removed. It is up to Member prior to such revocation to notify the agent, and immediately take all necessary steps (identifier change and password, locking …) to deny him access to the Member’s account.

The attorney ceases upon the death of the Member, the Account Holder.

The proxy is exclusively granted free of charge.

C. Using the Member Account

Any Member shall be held responsible for operations from its own account, either by himself or by a third party as an agent. It must therefore protect its identification elements and change them regularly.

The Member agrees to reserve the use of identification items only for its own individual use, except in the case of a proxy.

Any fraudulent use of an account by a non-Member person (or not mandated) is considered a serious violation of privacy and member entitles to take all measures against the usurping person as provided in the Terms and Conditions. can not be held responsible for any fraudulent use of identification elements. For people who have received a proxy member, legal representative or agent will also be responsible for the use of the identification elements and the preservation of their confidential character. disclaims all liability for instructions from a person who would not have power of attorney, if the Company has not received the letter informing member revocation of proxy.

In case of loss or fraudulent use proven or not identification elements, the Member must imperatively inform The Member may neutralize any time access to their account by a simple phone call to Customer Service or by an email sent from the email address registered to his account. issue new identification elements on request once clearly identified Member.

The Member may take not responsible for any loss he may suffer on the grounds that his account be taken by and / or has followed the recommendations or suggestions or those of its employees, members or representatives (except in cases of gross negligence on the part of In addition, not have to buy the diamonds of Members quotation price listed on the site. Member acknowledges that in the event that all Members decide to sell their diamonds at the same time could be forced to sell the diamonds on the international diamond market at a price below the listing price. The reason being that the diamond would accept only buy diamonds at wholesale rather than retail. The Member may take not responsible for its losses.

D. Services provides its members a platform for buying and selling of diamonds.

Users Members can buy and sell diamonds or whole batches, they physically leave on deposit in a safe provided for this purpose, or they can recover through as and reserves described in the Terms and Conditions. provides guidance on the diamond trading day so that Members can freely determine their purchase and sale orders, purchase fee or out of sale and any taxes. presents photographs of diamonds, a certificate of authenticity independent and microscopic details to enable the Member to ensure by itself the uniqueness and authenticity of the diamond and its quality. Only diamonds from the diamond professional market are sold on The exact origin of each diamond before its entry into the system can be provided on request.

Each Member may also verify that it is the sole owner of its diamonds by visiting the website in “not connected” and do a search by reference products stored on its behalf. keeps strictly confidential the identity of the sellers and buyers Members of its platform.

1. Access to services

Access to services is via the website, by phone or email. reserves the right to restrict the use of certain services according to the means of communication used.

Members of the instructions can be recorded. The recordings of the devices (computer and telephone) used by constitute proof of said instructions and the justification for the allocation to the Member concerned account of such transactions. Registration shall prevail in case of dispute between the parties.

A statement by email or phone to identify the waiver Member to request a written validation. However, may at any time and for any instruction, require a signed writing from the hand of the Member.

The successive input a username and password or recording of his telephone instructions have the same legal value as a signed writing. This input allows the identification of the Member and proves his consent for transactions (sales order or purchase, transfer, loading funds, …) and the allocation of these to the Member. As part of the development of offers of products or services online, it is also agreed that Member and the subsequent acquisition by the latter of its identification elements will serve to validate electronic signatures including online subscriptions to products or services offered by contact the Member priority mail and possibly on his mobile or landline phone. Contact by mail to the home address of the Member shall be reserved for official contacts as part of raises for example.

The Member is responsible for the communication of its exact coordinates to and their updates (which may be via the Site). is entitled to rely on the accuracy of the details provided by the Member.

In the case where the coordinates and other personal data member would not be updated regularly, the effectiveness of some safety devices would be compromised. accept any liability for loss of any kind caused by a failure on the part of the Member for updating contact information.

2. Recommendations

Given the nature and technical services provided by, it is recommended to lay members to read the different documents, guides, white papers and tutorials to clearly define its operation and which are present on direct download the platform.


to. Diamonds purchase and sale

In the area dedicated to the sale on the Site, diamonds that are already present in a chest will be considered immediately available and on sale (hereinafter, the “Diamonds Our Selection”).

The methods of sale announcements are made by from the objective properties of diamonds offered for sale.

Members may buy and sell (s) diamond (s) according to the principles outlined in the “How to buy / sell?” the Site.

Payment for purchases of any kind on the platform is carried out by means of credit Have the Member, in the selected currency with immediate or delayed validation of the property of the Member in these diamonds according to their availability status.

b. The control diamond

The Member may purchase diamonds, which are not yet present in the system. Such diamonds can be appointed control diamonds, or even pre-order term purchase.

The Member has the opportunity to place buy orders for the command Diamonds, pre-order or purchase futures on the same principle as the Diamond Our Selection or in a specific mode.

The Member pays its made global order, if necessary, Diamonds and Diamonds Our Selection command. 100% of the value of the ordered diamonds is blocked at having the purchaser Member upon order.

Members will have an indicative timeframe for the provision of diamonds. After this time, if diamonds are not available, the acquirer Member may either: be repaid, change the type of diamond, or get a new deadline.

As part of a purchase of Diamonds (s) in order, the member acquires a type of diamond (and not a specific diamond).

c. About the right of withdrawal

The Member waives the right of withdrawal in connection with the purchase or sale of investment diamonds on the site Member acknowledges that the right of withdrawal is not compatible with the proper functioning of the website whose prices may fluctuate depending on supply and demand set by the international market.

d. About the negotiated purchase orders

When a purchase order brokered a counselor, member after selecting the desired products with their advisor definitively validate the proposal by returning its good for agreement by fax or email. From that moment, the order is recorded and irrevocably from her.

4. Processing of orders

Each Member assumes jurisdiction to conduct trade having read and understood the operating

Member understands that he can place orders for the sale or purchase through the system for the quantities, prices and locations available to it, but only if it already has sufficient resources to DiamEparne. com, to allow for immediate settlement.

Member agrees that his orders are subject to computer servers for their execution, and, via the Internet or by phone.

to. Validation of an order not accept purchase orders member on the sole condition that the desired price for the acquisition corresponds to an amount sufficient funds in his account Have to immediately adjust the purchase in full, in the currency of the past order.

If passing between the order and the time when the order could be executed, funds are not sufficient to offset the order in its entirety, reserves the right to cancel the order in its entirety or although partially for the amounts available in the account Having the motto of the past order.

One may have initially cover orders could for example be lowered after the execution of the payment of a service such as custody or delayed execution of a transfer to the bank account of the Member.

By no means a Member could return to because his order could not be executed fully or partly due to having insufficient posterior to the passage of the order concerned, even briefly. not accept sell orders on the condition that the purpose of the sale is stored in the vaults of available and on behalf of the Member at the time of the sale.

The Member is free to set its prices but reserves the right to suspend a transaction in which the sell order would be inconsistent with the prices offered by the market price at the time of the transaction. then inform the Member concerned by the transaction and ask him a final confirmation of the terms of the transaction. Also, to maintain the speed and accuracy of trading on our platform, reserves the right to block the sale of diamonds set whose selling prices would be set by the owner at a rate exceeding 25% over the proposed our quotation for similar products.

If one or more of the above conditions are not met, the order will be rejected.

b. Execution of an order

Orders that members pass through may be to limit or market price.

Members do not have direct access to the coffers. Access is allowed only when the Member shall be appointed by the employees and empowered by the storage service.

c. Withdrawal of an order

A Member may, at any time, send a request to cancel a non-executed part of an order placed on A receipt, must respond by canceling the order in question, so it is not performed by a reverse order received thereafter.

Member understands and agrees that when another member had a reverse order allowing the execution of his order, who managed to before the request for cancellation, the order will be executed for the corresponding part. In this case, the executed part of the order may no longer be canceled. However, the remaining part of the unexecuted order will be canceled. may, at its discretion, withdraw all or part of an order for the sale or purchase of the site if no reverse has been initiated.

d. Confirmations of transactions and contracts confirms the partial or total execution of the Members and the part of the order executed in a short period after execution of the order. Confirmations are made by email.

The completion of an order, following the execution of exchange or cancellation of an order when it has been partly performed, shall be notified by the Member as a formal proof for the full amounts exchanged following the execution of the original order.

e. Clearing and Settlement

The Member authorizes to consider the order as an immediate settlement statement if the order would be executed (the order is executed in full or in part). provides the capabilities of settlement of the executed orders for each acquisition ensures that the seller Member is able to deliver the object of the transaction to the buyer in the quantities purchased and guarantees for each sale that the purchaser the user is able to pay the seller the money corresponding to the sale. who appraised the subject of the transaction prior to its custody, ensures quality and compliance of diamonds related to the transaction.

The buyer receives the item of purchase and the vendor is credited with the corresponding amount of money, net of fees and taxes. Similarly, the buyer is debited with the amount of money corresponding to the net sales charges and taxes.

The seller delivers the subject of the sale through which ensures the transfer of ownership.

Following the transaction, the title to the buying Member is updated and detailed invoice associated with the purchase is issued. A bill of sale is made available to the Member seller and his title is updated.

The discount to a buyer member is always associated exactly a discount “reverse” simultaneously by the Member seller. No material change occurs in the trunk after instant settlement. will endeavor to ensure that the settlement money to Member selling occurs simultaneously with the allocation of diamonds buyer Member.

5. Sponsorship allows the Member (hereinafter, the “Member Godfather”) with diamond guard recruit third party with a view to making new Members. The Godfather Member then receive a percentage of the revenues generated directly (on sales commissions, purchase or hold), for the new member (hereinafter, “Godson Member”). The percentage value and regulations involved in ways published on the website in the category Sponsorship.

Winnings are credited to the Equity Discount Godfather Member to as validation of transactions referrals. Amounts credited exclusively used as automatic discounts on buying diamonds or services through Members can edit invoices, however, have the ability to issue to the attention an invoice in order to receive all or part of the content of Having reductions in the currency of the latter.

Having The reductions is reset on December 31 of each year.

The Godfather member only receive a percentage of the transaction that will Referrals members directly recruited. So there is only one level of income. reserves the right to remove the percentage received by the Member under the sponsorship to all Members Godfathers who would use to set up a pyramid scheme or other sales model punishable by law.

The sponsorship offer is reserved exclusively for the first opening of an account by the Member Godson.

Excluded sponsorship openings downline accounts whose owners are under guardianship or trusteeship safeguard justice.

The Godfather Referrals can submit as many as they like, however, it does not contact through the sponsorship that people who agree to receive e-mails from him. Emails shipments Unsolicited Member since system is prohibited. reserves the right to remove the rights to receive a percentage of all Members Sponsors who violate this rule and demote the scoring of their account. employees can not benefit from the offer Sponsorship whether as a Godfather or as a referral. reserves the right to modify or terminate at any time the referral offer through the dissemination of information on the site in space Sponsorship.

6. Childcare in safe

Members provides child care in safe in his own vault in Switzerland in zone “in bond”.

The daycare proposed by is not a sub-hire safe, but child care by providing its members the highest security in order to maintain their diamonds in number, quality and integrity.

to. Living Arrangements

Member agrees that when his diamond purchase goes through the system, diamonds acquired are issued by the seller remaining within infrastructures dedicated to conservation, to become its full property following instructions only past via guarantees that diamonds owned by the Member exist, they are kept safe and that the Member is sole owner of the diamonds listed on its Member account.

This property is “physical” and real.

The Member shall pay a fee under the care of diamonds. The rates will be available on the page Rates on the Site.

Members do not have direct access to the coffers. Access is allowed only when the Member shall be appointed by the employees and empowered by the storage service.

The safes are controlled by bailiffs or independent auditors. The reports are then made public. The names of the owners Members are not disclosed, only their public pseudonyms are presented.

In case of closure, relocation or failure of the organization hosting the safes used to guard the diamond Members reserves the right to find a similar solution to guard any other organization offering similar services of the same nature. reserves the right to terminate at any time its relationship with the organization hosting the safes without giving a reason.

b. Protection against theft and insurance is responsible for verifying through its insurers that diamonds Members are properly protected against theft and damage, according to the accepted standards of the country hosting the chests.

The contents of the boxes is insured for theft and damage to the minimum basis of its overall merits. This insurance is underwritten by

The cost of insurance is included in the charges that the Member pays for custody of her diamonds. agrees to allow Members to access their proof of insurance to verify that diamonds are properly insured for theft or destruction.

c. Payment of childcare

Childcare costs are calculated monthly based on the maximum value of diamonds kept the previous month (see page Rates on the Site). If no diamonds were kept in the previous month, no fee will be retained the current month.

The value is calculated in the default currency selected by the member to manage their account. Childcare costs are collected in the same currency.

The Member shall maintain adequate Having allowing regular sampling of childcare costs.

In case of insufficient supply to have it, and after a time and a number of reasonable and sufficient reminders, reserves the right to resell the market the number of fractions to cover childcare costs required.

Any amounts paid in advance for the daycare remain vested in as a lump sum, without prejudice to any other amount which the Member would be liable to it under the provisions of the General Conditions of Sale.

d. Vault “Bonded” operates its own vault in Switzerland outside the banking system. By the economic and political neutrality of Switzerland, this approach aims to protect members of the risk of confiscation by the State and bank failure.

7. Products or additional services

The Member who wishes to benefit from a product or additional service must be requested at through the Site, by mail, by fax, by telephone or by contacting customer service. Made an application to a product or an extra service will be considered effective after the validation of an ad hoc document or after purchase made through the Site. remains free at any time to accept or reject the subscription request to one of the products or services, without having to explain its decision, unless otherwise required by law.

8. Sending diamonds in the system

No diamonds are accepted into the system if it is not previously released. Thus, we do not take and do not buy diamonds purchased by the Member outside the system.

9. Fees

Rates and charges associated with the use of are listed and detailed in the “prices” site.

Charges applied to the services or transactions are deducted from the Equity corresponding to the current currency of the transaction.

to. Miscellaneous expenses reserves the right to charge for time and materials used by its internal administration for services when they could have easily provided via the Site. The standard cost per hour for this service is specified on the prices page of the Site.

b. Commissioning and rates allows the Member to buy whole diamond or fractions another Member. Transaction or electronically validated order will be firm and final, and the acceptance for payment of costs associated with it.

Member shall pay the seller an amount representing a small percentage of the value of diamonds on the day of the sale. Depending on the volume of monthly transactions, the Member seller may benefit from a gradual decrease commissions. Commissions are on the page Rates on the Site.

Diamonds are considered sold when the transaction associated with the order of the buyer is accepted and Member of the board with the associated costs can be deducted. Typically, a regularly operated purchase order results in an immediate way by a successful sale transaction side member having realized the sell order. provides member information including order confirmations, notices of execution, account statements, which are subject, where applicable, a dispute within 15 days of sending the email. In addition, the information sent will be deemed accepted.

c. VAT

Conservation of diamonds in a room safes zone “in bond” allows to exempt from VAT each purchase transaction value “excluding commission”.

VAT will be applied, however, transaction fees, custody fees and all additional services.

E. Account Have

Member has an account as many accounts as Having offers currency.

The Member must choose a default Have among different currencies. This choice will allow the member to pay in the currency of their choice costs related to the overall use of the platform.

1. Balance of the account have

The overdraft is not allowed and therefore the Member agrees to supply its assets so as to anticipate its purchases or payment for services he has contracted in each currency.

Methods of payment corresponding to his country of residence, proposed to him in the personal account management interface allowing it to have it credited in the currency of their choice.

to. having debtor

The Member agrees to supply each account Having soon as one of them owes each currency.

Having a debtor account in any currency can cause blockage or termination of Member’s account (see Article Duration and Termination of the General Conditions of Sale).

The Member will be informed by, email or telephone or postal mail, in the case of an account balance as too low for the proper functioning of its Member Account (custody, orders to perform various transactions and services …) .

Have an account debtor result sending postal mail and e-mail indicating the risk of termination of Member’s account and the steps to follow to make the account be payable. This letter will result in charges the list is published on the site (see page Rates on the Site).

If you debtor, the Member agrees that can fortnight after sending a formal notice, conduct an inventory of diamonds and kept making a sale “market” to cover strictly observed flow. has no way have to credit a debtor in a currency having credit of another currency. does not offer service for changing currencies directly with each other directly without going through a purchase / sale of diamonds.

2. punctual Transfers

Members may transmit through the Site, transfer orders to the debit of Account Have (considered account issuer) and credit accounts in its list of recipients bank accounts.

Any costs will be paid from the Account Have at runtime the transfer corresponding to the chosen transfer (national, EC, international non-EC, etc.). The list of these fees can be found on page Rates on the Site.

to. Adding an account in the list of recipients accounts

The Member adds a beneficiary bank account via the website and in a security system and specific control allowing to ensure that the account is the one member and that this bank account does not fit into a logical laundering money.

One bank account associated with Account Have and currency.

In the case of multiple associated bank accounts, it is requested that the Member to choose a default account in the currency in which the costs related to the overall functioning of his account is debited.

b. Execution conditions of a transfer

The Member shall ensure the existence on the account debited Having sufficient and available funds on the execution date of the transfer. This provision available must be greater or equal to the amount of the transfer and the associated costs. In the absence of adequate and available supply, the transfer order may not be executed by

In some cases, there may be a delay between the execution flow and that of credit (eg bank processing time, …).

Transfers are made to the bank account from which the funds enabling Having credit the Account were made. In the case of a change of account recipient reserves the right to refuse the execution of the transfer or taking charge (see rates) to complete the transaction.

Specific rules may object to the temporary or final execution of a transfer to a bank account are blocked, ceilings own rules to a service … and even if the bank account is correctly associated with the Member’s account.

c. Change an account in the list of recipients accounts

It is possible to change the bank account linked to a Credit but such a change gives rise to a cause request from the Member from and causes costs (see page Site Rates). reserves the right not to accept the recipient bank account changes of outgoing transfers.

3. The joint account of the assets of members directly deposit the money issued by Members on a separate bank account (have common account) in the currency proposed Member for filing. This account is dedicated exclusively to deposit money not yet spent by Members. is authorized to manage the money on the account have shared on behalf of its members, and only for the following purposes:

to. Buy diamonds to another Member. In this case, the money of the Member is not transferred from one account to another, but the ownership of the money is transferred to the Member “seller” in the records of while diamond property rights are transferred to Member “buyer”.

b. Make transfers of money to its owner, but strictly within the limits of available funds.

c. Pay the use of the service fees and other charges and fees due as provided in these Terms and Conditions. undertakes to maintain permanently, the common Having Account sufficient funds to repay the credit balance of all its Members.

4. Credit the account have

Member agrees and acknowledges that in order to secure the identity of the payer, only accept remittances on account of its Member Having from accounts in the name of the Member in the books of financial institutions. It follows that member must receive sufficient information about the proposed transfer of the part of the bank or the financial institution of the payer to enable to identify with certainty the Member concerned as well as the account to which the transfer is made. To facilitate the recognition of the Member, he shall indicate his audience nickname on the free information provided by their bank or financial institution, during transfer.

The Member shall, prior to any payment of funds, information identifying the account from which the transfer is issued. Do not learn this information before a payment will result in a charge for time spent in research. is free to reject and return of funds from a bank account does not identify the Member wishing Having credit his account. will meet possible time only if it had been possible previously to identify the payer and the beneficiary Member of the transfer and the Account Have to which the transfer will be credited.

The Member acknowledges, however, that can not be held responsible for the deadline for receipt of funds transferred from a bank or a financial institution.

Hereby the member does not responsible for any losses incurred if the Member does not cater his account have direct and identifiable manner since its linked bank account.

F. account operating Incident

All operations that require special handling, especially when they involve an operating incident on a Member’s account can be billed the cost of which is on the site (see page Rates on the Site).

G. Communication and written contents member

Members may contact criticism, comments or other written content, submit suggestions, ideas, questions, or other information as the content is not illegal, obscene, abusive, threatening, defamatory, violating the intellectual property rights, or prejudicial to third parties and does not consist or does not contain software viruses, political activism, commercial solicitations, mass mailing, chains or any other form of “spam”. The Member shall not use a false email address, impersonate any person or entity, or misrepresent the origin of content.

If the Member address content, unless otherwise stipulated by the Member, it grants, as well as related companies him for the legal term of protection applicable, non-exclusive, Free reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, sublicense and display such content throughout the world, on the website and in all media.

The Member represents and warrants that the owner or holder of the necessary rights to the Content submitted to the Site. Member agrees to indemnify in an action or claim against a third where such action would cause, foundation or origin content that the Member has provided to the Site. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove or edit any content.

H. Error Correction

1. Error trading system

Neither nor Members have the right to profit from this excellent for a possible system failure. The system is designed to protect all members of obvious commercial errors freezing orders secured at prices considerably distant from the rate in force at any given time. In such a case, reserves the right to cancel an order.

2. Correction of errors in bookkeeping

If administrative error is entitled to make the necessary corrections to the records of the accounts of Members. The Member is informed by email of the changes.

3. Error of the security system

In the event of a fault protection, Members agree and, that reasonable adjustments can be made as a result of this event, to ensure that the system works properly for all Members.

I. Preservation and archiving of transactions

The filing of orders, purchase orders, invoices and other exchanges between the Member and the other Members or the Member and is made on a reliable and sustainable manner to correspond to a faithful and durable copy pursuant the law.

J. Block Member account

In case of abnormal operation of suspicion of a Member account reserves the care of block or restrict access to a Member account without notice. Such a measure designed to protect the Member and may be taken temporarily or permanently.

III. Obligations is a Consignment complying with regulations applicable to any Consignment, including the holding of a police register when required. only organizes and performs no auction. is not a bank or credit institution or an insurance company or a financial institution of some kind.

It is expressly agreed that is subject to an obligation of means in the context of the obligations assumed under the General Conditions of Sale. and will try to provide all the care currently in use to ensure proper operation of the site and services.

Responsibilities P1 can not be held responsible in any capacity whatsoever, malfunctions or defects of the site, significant changes in, monetary policy, bank bankruptcy, identity theft, a liquidity risk, the insurance exclusion clauses. disclaims all liability for information, recommendations, misrepresentations and / or false, of any nature whatsoever, which were transmitted by Members, as well as any damage caused by any use of this information.

In case of legal proceedings, the Member guarantees against actions initiated by other Members and third parties whose dispute originated information, advice or a photograph provided by a Member. In any case, as a host of certain information, reserves the right to withdraw, promptly and without notice, information, consulting, photography, communicated by the Member if it is she or is clearly illegal and that would have been reported to him as such.

V. Force majeure and no third party involved in providing the service will be held responsible in the event of default and / or delay in the performance of the service, which would be due to the occurrence of a force majeure such that usually recognized by french courts and any cause beyond the control of, including acts of sabotage, network failures, electronic file coding errors, the limitations of software and / or firmware used or the inability to obtain telecommunication services, or government action.

The force majeure suspends the obligations of these Terms and Conditions for the duration of its existence.

However, if the force majeure had a life of longer than thirty consecutive days, he would open right to automatic termination by either party fortnight after sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt notifying such termination.

Due to the specificity of services it offers, will, however in case of force majeure, to implement the necessary measures, continuity of service, the protection of property entrusted to him and facilitate them available to their owners or resale.

In case of serious national or international crisis, college consisting of the twenty most active members, would be created to assist in the best choices to be taken to ensure continuity of service, integrity and better use of property held by for all its Members. It is thus possible that decides in cases of serious national or international crisis, after consulting the members of the college, to change the physical location and nature of the storage of diamonds held by its members. Such a transfer could result in extraordinary costs negotiated with the College Member and would then be communicated to all customers or members published on the Site (see page Rates on the Site).

VI. Fight against money laundering and terrorist financing

It is the obligation of, under Swiss and international laws to fight against money laundering and terrorist financing:

To declare the sums and operations that could come from drug trafficking, fraud financial interests, corruption or organized crime or who might participate in the financing of terrorism, or operations whose identity of the originator order or beneficiary remains doubtful;
to ask the member for transactions that appear to him as unusual partly because of their terms, their unit amount or accumulated or their exceptional character in relation to those previously handled by the latter; the information relates to the origin and destination of the sums involved, as well as the economic rationale for the transaction and the identity of the person who benefits.
Consequently, may have to refuse certain operations.

In this context, and when deemed necessary, the source of capital and specifies the economic justification of any operation and the supporting related thereto may be requested to the Member.

VII. Request for information

The Member may direct inquiries about him from the customer service via the Site (email, contact form), by mail or by phone at scheduled for this purpose. The different types of contact are listed on the home page or in the Contact section. retains information on dormant accounts for a minimum of five years. Beyond is entitled to block an account and bill information requested by the Member with pricing conditions (see page Rates on the site) that will be in effect.

VIII. Intellectual Property Rights

Through Diamepargne, owns all intellectual property rights in the Site and its associated elements, its structure, its brand including all texts, comments, advice, recommendations, books, programs, images and images reproduced. With the exception of copying for private use, the Member agrees not to copy, reproduce, disseminate, sell, publish, exploit and disseminate otherwise in another format (electronic or otherwise) without registration, photographs , advice, recommendations and / or information on the site without the prior written consent of

Consequently, the Member is particularly committed to:

Not to infringe, directly or indirectly, to intellectual property rights and its legitimate interests;
To respect the trademarks, names, acronyms, logos, colors, graphics or other distinctive sign and not raise no analogy in the minds of the public for any purpose whatsoever, and any mode either.
Any other use, including any not explicitly allowed downloading, may be deemed to constitute infringement and be punished by the competent courts.

IX. hyperlinks or a third party may link to other websites or sources. has no way to control those sites or sources, and does not respond to the availability of such external sites or sources nor guarantee. does not appropriate the contents to which these sites or sources give access, and excludes all liability and warranty with respect to such content.

X. Features of the Internet

Access to the Site is possible 24 hours on 24, 7 days 7, subject to the occurrence of any breakdowns and / or maintenance activities specified below, and for the proper functioning of the Site. reserves the right to make its use temporarily unavailable for any reasonable reason whatsoever to make such maintenance or updating the site without that Members can claim any compensation for any reason whatsoever and of any nature whatsoever.

Communication protocols and encryption used are those used on the Internet, including SSL encryption for electronic payment.

Members acknowledge that they are aware of the relative reliability of the Internet, and especially:

Relative safety in the transmission of data;
Non-guaranteed continuity of access to the service;
Non-guaranteed performance in terms of volume and speed of data transmission;
Possible misuse of unprotected data;
Contents of reproducible sites without geographical limitation. can not commit to any guarantee, to the extent that the Internet is an open network, sensitive by nature to such risks. Members acknowledge to be aware of these risks and accept them. and can not be held liable for any damage arising from the intrusion into a computerized system, the interception of data or the transmission of viruses, worms or “Trojan horse” software “zombie” or any other type of file to be any violation of the integrity or confidentiality of a computer system. does not guarantee that the site, the servers that provide access to, and / or third party websites that have links from the Site are free of viruses or other components likely to cause damage to property or people.

XI. Term and Termination

The Convention is open-ended.

A. Termination of the Agreement

It can be concluded the agreement between the Member and without cause at any time, either at the initiative of the Member without notice, or at the initiative of, with a 45 days notice unless otherwise provided by law. In case of serious misbehavior of the Member or a breach of the obligations of the General Conditions of Sale, the fence will be unannounced.

The Member during the period of notice must make arrangements for the settlement of outstanding transactions (transfers, sales, purchasing, …).

After settlement of all ongoing operations restores the Member any credit balance of his account which would remain Having owned and which the Member would transfer to a bank. These refunds will be made by bank transfer / transfer to an account whose details have been previously communicated by the Member to the specific rules of association of a bank account to a Member Account detailed in the Terms and Conditions.

However, in the case of an initiated fence, if the Member fails to communicate the coordinates of a destination account, will block until the coordinates are valid from one bank account to be him provided.

Upon termination by the Member of the Convention linking it, specific costs related to the transaction can be generated. Such costs are incurred in the section website Rates.

B. Termination of a product or service

It may be terminated access to a product or service is the Member of initiative or at the initiative of

Unless otherwise stipulated for certain products or services:

termination can be performed at any time,
the Member has failed to comply with notice, respect a 45-day notice. In case of serious misbehavior of the Member or a breach of the obligations of the General Conditions of Sale, the termination will be effected without prior notice. The termination of a product or service automatically deletes any product or service which may have been associated exclusively.
It is not possible to cancel an order that has been executed.
The VIP package is a service for 12 months renewed automatically. Notice one month before the anniversary date of the service allows to stop by mail or email.
Have an account debtor more than 45 days result in the immediate blocking of the account Member, cancels any not yet executed order and leads to degradation of the scoring of the Member. The account will be unlocked once the funds credited to an extent sufficient to cover the debtor have.

C. Get out of the agreement in the event of the death Member

Money held in the account by Member will be blocked after the announcement of the Member’s death. The Member’s account will be blocked also.

In case of death of the Member, General Member’s account will be blocked, in principle, of right, without notice. Only an order of the authority dealing with the succession may terminate the blockage.

The investment diamonds deceased Member shall be retained on its behalf by pending the instructions of the beneficiaries (on presentation of devolution of parts required) or notary in charge of the estate settlement.

A copyright holder identified in the Member’s account has no specific power over the release of the account as a competent authority has not ruled clearly on the estate.

The fees and costs of the estate file calculated using the current rate will be charged assets retained by the Member

D. Termination of the Custodian Agreement

Upon termination of the Convention between the Member to, the Custodian Agreement will be automatically terminated by ‘notice of 45 days to allow resale of investment diamonds and / or any payment to be made (commission have) by its owner. The direct and indirect costs associated with the termination of the contract remain the responsibility of Member (see page Rates on the Site). If after 45 days remained diamonds for sale, conduct a for sale “market.”

E. Bankruptcy

Assuming were to cease trading, investment diamonds Members remain their property and judicial authorities in charge of the liquidation of will be responsible to return the diamonds or against their values respective owners.

XII. contractual changes

A. Changes in Sales Terms

Any law or regulation, which would modify all or part of the products and services described herein, will apply from its entry into force.

These Terms and Conditions may also evolve and require some substantial changes initiated by

In this case, information will be communicated to member 30 (thirty) days before the entry into force of the new Terms and Conditions, for all products and services.

During this period of 30 days, any Member may reject changes and report without charge termination new Sales Terms by letter or by registered letter to the attention of, customer service. In the absence of denunciation by the member within 30 days, the changes will be deemed to them as final approval.

B. Rates of Changes

All transactions subject to a fixed or proportional commission rates are on the page of the Site. This document, accessible upon acceptance of the Convention, and periodically updated, is permanently accessible on the Site. If major changes insiders Rates per, information will be provided to Member one (1) month in advance. The lack of challenge by the Member within two months after this communication constitutes acceptance of the new tariff.

C. Information Members

Unless specific conditions for certain products or services, notify the Member directly on the site, by phone, by email or by letter, or by any other disclosure document addressed to the Member.

XIII. Interpretation

In case of difficulty in interpreting any of the titles at the head of the clauses and one of the clauses, the titles will be declared nonexistent.

If one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions were considered null or not enforceable by law or competent jurisdiction, that provision shall be severed from these without affecting the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

XIV. transfers not make that transfers to accounts whose holders are members. In no case, transfers can only take place to third party accounts.

XV. illegal actions

Platform shall in no case be used to conduct illegal actions or as a way to transfer money from one country to another.

XVI. Method of payment use the same means of payment used by the member in its transactions.

XVII. Money on the account

Member acknowledges that the money deposited into his account should only be used for purchases on the site.

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