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The benefits of the investment diamond are many , here are the main ones:

The Investment Diamond is a tangible asset whose value is stable : It’s much smaller than the gold market, for example , which is external to the banking system , there are no options on Diamond, Diamond certificates or future contract Diamond, this means that the market can not inflate fictitiously to create a bubble as is the case for all other financial products.

The Investment Diamond is an active steadily rising : It is a fact, demand has been increasing since the beginning of time and the supply is shrinking with the years , South Africa, one of the first producers of Diamonds already seen its production decline .

The investment diamond is somewhat prone to speculation asset : As we have said , banks , traders and speculators can not abuse the diamond market as they did with all the other markets.

The investment is a Diamond Liquid assets : If one is accompanied by professionals that buying is good , just most of the time a few minutes to separate an investment diamond without compromising on its value. In fact the demand is consistently above the Offer , not so complicated regain taker especially over a network such as DiamEpargne .

The investment diamond is a ” de- banked ” totally external to the active manipulation of banks, states, advertisements Central Bank and tax authorities.

Anti-crisis stimulus safe haven but also safe haven : When all goes well , the demand on the diamond is created on its consumption, that is to say the jewelry, as it hurt val , demand is created for investors who wish to a safe savings.

Very advantageous tax : With our advice, pay 0 % tax on the capital gain in an extremely simple manner.

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